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Our Family

Nutty Acres Nuts is the definition of Natures deliciousness! Our trees are happy, healthy and growing vibrantly in White Hall Maryland. My husband and I both grew up in this area. We now raise our 4 children on the same family farm my husband and his father were raised on.  

Though Nutty Acres Nuts was Founded in 2021 and this is our first harvest year, Nutty acres farm has been in my husbands family for well over 100 years. My father in law recalls being a young boy himself, collecting nuts from these same trees for his grandparents to hull and dry for baking. How very cool that was for our kids to hear. Their very own Poppy did the same thing we were doing, in the same place, when he was just a boy.

We hope to make them all proud with Nutty Acres Nuts. Especially my husbands late grandfather whose pride in life was his family and this farm.

We also strive to make all of you proud.

Place your order today, while supplies last. 

Thank for visiting our page.

God Bless,

Amy Badders

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Harvest Time

A Family Tradition

Here we are collecting this years crop. 2021. The kids love to join in. Even when all dressed up wearing last years Christmas dress. (Miss Claus is just to the left)

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